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Malaysia’s first TV programme about financial literacy in Mandarin made its debut on Astro AEC in March 2017 & September 2018.

The 13-episode edutainment TV programme enlightened audience on the importance of managing personal and home finance in an easy-to-comprehend, light-hearted manner.

Hosted by Liew Yuan Yuan and Gan Jiang Han representing different characters in a family, this branded content discussed current topics and case studies on different financial habits, as well as knowledge related to consumer rights, value investing in stock markets and property.

On the heels of its positive reception on TV and social media, Money Money Home is set to establish a media portal, providing content in articles and videos with a focus on financial and investment ideas, lifestyle and values that matter to people from all walks of life. Watch this space in August 2018!

Meanwhile, the second season of Money Money Home is also in the making, featuring a couple of new characters, this time round covering more topics of common interests and investment literacy in Malaysia.

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