全家私房钱 - 报导 by Xuan

February 24, 2017


投资很难? 跟风买房? 每日缩三餐? 全新节目 《全家私房钱》 与你一起打破开源节流的迷思!




News by The Edge Markets

March 10, 2017


8IH partners with Astro Malaysia for personal finance educational television series production

This 13-episode series is part of 8IH’s efforts to educate and inform the Malaysian public and convey the importance of managing personal and home finances and also aims to inspire the audience to become smart investors and consumers through the concept of value investing, according to a statement by 8IH today.

Introduction of SIDREC on Money Money Home

April 11, 2017

Introduction of SIDREC on Money Money Home

SIDREC CEO Sujatha Sekhar Naik and head of dispute resolution Hong Siew Lai was featured on Money Money Home, a financial literacy programme on Astro AEC on 9 April 2017.