At JooY Media, we are adept at creating BRANDED CONTENT to simplify complex FINANCIAL LITERACY subjects for brands owners and marketers, so that you could build trust and connect with your audience - fast and effectively.


Why simplified content matters?


Because no one could be bothered to read technical, info-packed brochures or a lengthy SOP.


The average human attention span today is about 8 seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish - no joke.


No matter how profound your investment strategy could help the folks out there, or how your consultancy could possibly transform their life/business.


If people don’t see any RELEVANCE of what you have to offer, they move on.


And rarely return.


Or you might just lack CONTEXT and CONTENT that hit the right prospects wanting to buy from you.


The truth is, hard selling without any VALUE added content that educates and engages your prospects, is a NO-NO.


Need content ideas? Fred not, we’ve got you covered.


By turning your complicated stuff into simple, bite-sized content.


In the form of INFOGRAPHIC, VIDEO or ARTICLE – easy to consume and understand.



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Video Content Production

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Creative Graphic Design

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Digital & Content Marketing

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Media Partnership



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Produced Securities Commission’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) video “Silap Labur, Duit Lebur” for distribution on TV, radio, cinemas and public transports.


Reaching out to millions of audiences and commuters every day

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Looking for content marketing solutions specifically in Financial Literacy and Investment? Contact us for more information!

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